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Movies from comedy to drama to your favorite Hollyweird Star. So has anyone seen Laundromat Until you do suck seed What's their issue with Delaware? Show full Until you do suck seed outline! Posts: Location: so cal Joined: September 24, TWB Audiophile. Billy Wonka Audiophile. Gary Audiophile. Road Warrior Audiophile. Rod M Web Geek. Posts: Location: So. Awe-d-o-file Dealer. Victor Khomenko Manufacturer.

Posts: Joined: April 5, Posts: Joined: April 12, It's really good ET "If at first you don't succeed, keep on sucking till you do suck seed" - Curly Howard Hide full thread outline! I was too slow. I made an attempt, almost. The only place it was playing was on the other side of heavy traffic, and by the time I got saddled up, the thing was only in two early showingsand I hate to waste daylight by sitting inside. It got blown off the screen by new product this week. But I did go to the same multiplex, I went to see "Parasites" a korean film that revolves around wealth inequalitya poor family schemes its way into working for a rich family, but things go badly.

Nice movie, won the top prize at some film festival that flashed by the credits, fast. Maybe it was venice. It was no "Wag the Dog". The ultimate point of it was slammed home hard Until you do suck seed though.

There's no end to the greedy, shady, relentlessly fucked up things people will do for money. I avoid Streep projects like the plague!

I can't stand her! Almost turned it off The story was far too convoluted for me. It was just sketch comedy strung together with Streep and Oldman holding it together.

Thumbs down from me. RE: I avoid Streep projects like the plague! Both she and DeNiro are masters of their art. I like their politics as well. Of course you do! It has nothing to do with "art" Just channeling their natural selves. Your profile is a clue into your love for them THAT is an actor! I really want to not like her, posted on October 25, at But she nails everthing she's in. Big Little Lies was almost a no go for season 2, for me at least, when I saw she was going to be in it.

She brings perfection to her craft like few others ever have. I also try to not let politics get in the way of my enjoying the visual and audio arts. Life's too short for such pettiness but, jmho and, obviously different strokes for different folks with full respect for their choices.

This afternoon on Netflix I barely figured out what it was about, slow and convoluted, though Banderas and Oldman were ok. I'm not surprised, posted on October 26, at I completely disagree. I'm sure you hated the end when Streep addressed the camera. So sad you couldn't stay awake during something that is so critically important to every citizen. To every citizen of every country. ET "If at first Until you do suck seed don't succeed, keep on sucking till you do suck seed" - Curly Howard RE: Almost turned it off Some people get Until you do suck seed over and try to find the people behind the swindle?

Really simple as I see it. I loved Streeps characters persistence ET "If at Until you do suck seed you don't succeed, keep on sucking till you do suck seed" - Curly Howard RE: Of course you do! I see all the righties hate this movie. Commoners like you and I get screwed like this all the time. So you don't like seeing Hsu vivian asian porn kind of people taken down? It's official, our country is halfway down the toilet never to return to our once great Until you do suck seed. Look at those who don't like it and their commonality.

So sad it's basic good vs evil. I'm glad I have years left and no kids. Not sure who you're directing your anger to PC culture has gotten us to the place we are as a nation and got a leader elected who vowed to change it I was sickened yesterday watching those people praise a dead man who left the people that elected him behind and became part of the perennial swamp.

One swamp creature after another extolling the virtues of man who IMO neglected his oath of office It was disgusting! BTW, it hasn't been great since Reagan left office but at least someone is making an attempt to change it Dude politics aside it wasn't that well done I think they are both great actors. The film was done in a too fractured, smart-ass way that hampered the pace. If the whole point of the film was that last five minutes, make a fucking video, put it on YouTube and be done with it.

It seemed a ham fisted farce posing as art. Let's keep "commonality" out of this. The idea that DeNiro and Streep are psychotic is, to put it mildly, ridiculous.

I will agree that Spencer Tracy was a great actor. I remember watching his performance in "Inherit the Wind" for the first time. It was amazing and memorable. The same could be said for "Judgement at Nuremberg".

I wasn't angry. I was only directing Until you do suck seed truth as I see it to anyone that reads the post. I couldn't understand Oldman's German accent. Plus, that ridiculous Streep get-up. Banderas and Oldman were just plain silly. RE: Dude politics aside it wasn't that well done I was fine with it all. Certainly unique. I didn't get it right away but knew I would eventually during not after the film. Tracy was incredible, DeNiro is incredible Gonna call Alan Dershowitz I smell large case there!

The movie was one huge snoozer DEsk set is a favorite with me. I really liked his lighter work, and was surprised to find he dated men.

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