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Oh my god is this even a question? Lets look at a few examples, shall we? Up first we have Selena Gomez American celebrity. On the right we have bare legged Selena.

Note the uneven skin tone and Mature women wearing stockings pantyhose or nylons. She looks like she shaved her legs with a lawnmower.

On the left we have Selena in sheer black pantyhose. The pantyhose make her legs look much smoother and give them a more uniform tone. Up next, these two ladies. The bare legged lady on the Mature women wearing stockings pantyhose or nylons has nicer bare legs than Selena But her friend on the right still has smoother, prettier looking legs.

Here in the United States, pantyhose have fallen out of fashion for the most part, much to my great disappointment. Because of this, I firmly believe there are a lot more men out there that prefer to see women in some sort of leg wear pantyhose, thigh-hi stockings, opaque tights rather than Mature women wearing stockings pantyhose or nylons legged. The two most common excuses I hear from women about not wanting to wear pantyhose are:.

Both of these issues can be eliminated, for the most part by buying the correct size. There is always a size chart right on the package. If you border on two different sizes, Mature women wearing stockings pantyhose or nylons the larger one.

Go to a department store or shop online. There are foreign brands that can get pretty pricey. The absolute top of the line is Wolford, an Austrian brand. But from what I have been told, they feel fabulous on your legs and they are supposedly very durable. I long for those days to return. I absolutely love nylons on a woman. Just about any evening scenario is good for nylons or thigh-highs. Her ability to go bare skinned is quite sexy as well.

To me it signifies that she is a woman in her mind as oppose Mature women wearing stockings pantyhose or nylons just a girl. I think that plays on the sex appeal as well. Like a good drug, regardless of how good it is, if you have it all the time you will become immune to its effects. Def think most guys prefer women with pantyhose than bare legs.

A lot of the younger women in the UK go with bare legs but I know my younger male friend loves older ladies like me in nylons and high heels. I notice a lot of the younger guys at work prefer to eye my nylon legs up than some younger bare legs often with tacky platform shoes.

I love teasing young guys whenever I am out and about with shoe dipping and shoeplay as a lot seem to love it. An older woman has to make the best of her assets and mine are my curvy hosed legs and stilettos allied to my smart dress sense. As far as I am concerned, pantyhose and nylons are leg make up and make ANY woman look sexier to a man. My partner loves the smell of my sweaty nylon feet after a day at work as he says they smell stronger than just bare feet and drives him wild?

What can I say. I believe the younger generation prefers bare legs while the more mature women prefer panty hose.

I believe men prefer to see pantyhose at least on mature women. I believe you wou I guess it is just the way of the world, and always to each his own. Question answered: Do guys prefer women with bare legs or pantyhose legs? Apart from your back-to-nature types of guys, the overwhelming majority of them prefer seeing women wearing pantyhose, nylons, or really any type of hosiery.

It also feels a hell of lot better when a guy runs his hands up and down your legs. Women, though, have to go to a lot of trouble and discomfort wearing pantyhose everyday. They can be itchy. They run easily. And using the rest room becomes more of an ordeal. What they prefer depends on the situation from what I have experienced. Work environment pantyhose is preferred but if you have long legs or can make your legs look longer with out wearing stripper shoes they dream you right out of the pantyhose in their minds.

Socially they love shaved and lightly oiled naked skin that Ive experienced. Don't wear pantyhose socially wear stockings…. Those things make you feel all Mature women wearing stockings pantyhose or nylons and wiggly. Business social I still say a naked leg. Home with your man? Just wear your legs. I look pretty dam good when I want to and these are just things I've noticed and asked about. I think it depends on the guy. Some guys love pantyhose, and others Mature women wearing stockings pantyhose or nylons not so worried about it.

Loads and loads of guys, it Kitty jung to sex to me, love stockings and suspenders.

They are those little straps that attach to the top of stockings and to a waistband that holds the stockings up. In the UK we call the suspenders, but I know you call suspenders those things that men wear to keep their trousers up.

That is a very traditional fetish - if fetishes can be traditional? Pantyhose can disguise a whole load of imperfections Plus they keep us warm, too. I like wearing them. I think women know men will first notice pantyhose legs. Especially if shinny. Always more elegant and more formal, professional in all occasions. Girls…there is a test for this you can do to prove the worth of wearing pantyhose or not.

Three of you go Zoe kravitz naked vagina boobs together in equally short skirts but only one wear suntan pantyhose. Have someone notice who the guys are looking at.

The one in the pantyhose will get the action but prove it to yourselves. Without hesitation. Sexy legs in pantyhose or sheer tights say a lot more Mature women wearing stockings pantyhose or nylons a women than meets the eye. Not to mention the obvious physical attractiveness of her legs encased in smooth silky pantyhoseMature women wearing stockings pantyhose or nylons promise her derriere looks great too in pantyhose both control top and sheer to waist.

Especially in shiny or hi gloss styles. Yeah bare legs have nothing on a pair in pantyhose. No question about it. I love to see a woman wearing pantyhose or stockings, I find them eye catching and very attractive - A turn on for me.

And yes, I do have a fetish for pantyhose. Pantyhose give the legs a more smooth even appearance, streamlined, classy, yet sexy, sensual, and feminine look. Makes her legs look prettier and the outfit looks Mature women wearing stockings pantyhose or nylons elegant and looks more put together by adding that last finishing touch to an outfit.

Often times she will look more powerful when in heels. They can be a pain to wear, not always comfortable, a hassle, and can run easily, but I prefer pantyhose. I am female but also bisexual so I do find a woman in pantihose incredibly sexy both seeing a woman wearing them and wearing them myself.

Pantihose allows the other person to fully see the legs without the ability to ever actually touch them. A person can run their hands up and down the leg but never come into contact with the wearers skin. I think this is kind of a playful denial of the senses, a tease if you will.

As well almost everyone legs look better I pantihose. And watching a woman either put on or take them off is by far one of the most sensual acts one can observe. Pantyhose, stocking, tights. Very few women can pull off the bare look. But most women dont like wearing them anymore. Idk why. They are extremely attractive and sexy.

As a wearer myself I Shana starr anal pics them smooth and fitting and sexy and I just love the feel and wear of them. Go buy some new and improved ones I say. Pantyhose make legs much sexier and keeps them warm through the colder months. Good pantyhose also feel very good and sensual on the leg for those ladies wearing them all day.

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