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While these two have been killing it in multiple fields for years, there's more Person girl family nude their seemingly perfect relationship than what meets the eye. Here are some of the stranger facts about Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo's Adam levine and anne. It was not love at first sight for this couple. We talked over email for such a long time and then went to LA and we met for the first time.

I walked through the door and was like, 'What am I doing here? They moved past their uncomfortable Adam levine and anne, and then this slow-burn romance quickly heated up. It wasn't an abrupt ending. However, that break apparently catapulted Levine and Prinsloo to the next step of their relationship. By Julythe on-and-off couple was engaged!

It was a wild ride! While Levine figured things out with Adam levine and anne future wife, he apparently left Agdal in the dark. The same source claimed Levine "finally told [Agdal] about Behati in a text message," leaving the supermodel " heartbroken.

It's safe to say that Levine's marriage proposal didn't exactly go as planned. The Adam levine and anne confident pop star was reportedly so anxious that his grand romantic gesture became super awkward and confusing. Oh my God. Levine added, "I got down on that knee and everything changed immediately.

I lost my equilibrium. I had to get on the other one. Like look, I got on both knees. She was like, 'What? Prinsloo, of course, said yes. He called my dad. It was very nice, very romantic. When Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo got hitched, apparently no one was more surprised than the groom. Ultimately, Levine's relationship with Prinsloo forced him to face his fears and change his point of view. Levine jokingly replied, "Famous last words, 'I'll never get married.

Just ahead of the couple's big day, reports surfaced that Levine had reached out to all of his exes because he wanted to kick off his marriage with a clean slate. While Levine may have intended for the alleged gesture to be noble, it apparently didn't go over well with all of his Adam levine and anne flames — some reportedly weren't interested in making amends with the singer.

Calling the rumor a "total fabrication," he told the shock jock, "I'd like to clear the record right now, I totally did not do that. I kinda wish I had done that," he admitted, before backtracking. Final answer? While their destination wedding was a massive, star-studded affair, one of the more surprising elements about their big day was that is was officiated by actor Jonah Hill — who Levine's apparently been friends with since childhood Adam levine and anne The Huffington Post.

Of course, Hill wasn't the only celeb at Levine and Prinsloo's wedding. Oh, by the way, Maroon 5, Prinsloo, Sublime, and Stevie Nicks all performed at the reception — no big deal.

If you ask Adam Levine, married life didn't affect the dynamic of his romance with Behati Prinsloo. However, Women sturgis bike week nude said personally had changed "in a great way" since getting hitched.

Explaining that he believes marriage makes a man feel "slightly more masculine," Levine said, "If it's the right marriage, if it's the right person, the guy feels a little bit more like a man. She's the best in Adam levine and anne world. I am the luckiest person who has ever lived, and it has nothing to do with me, it has to do with the people who love me.

She never wanted to be that nagging wife, but now she is, constantly calling or texting Adam to see where he's at. It's driving him crazy — and pushing him further away.

While neither Levine nor Prinsloo commented on the Adam levine and anne rumors plaguing their marriage — which ranged from cheating allegations to divorce hearsay — even shadier reports later circulated online. Style in And I just wanted it on my ring finger Adam levine and anne when I take [my engagement Adam levine and anne off, it's still there! The married pair also got matching tattoos, which read, "you're so cool, you're so cool, you're so cool.

This married pair may have its fair share of quirks, but at Adam levine and anne end of the day, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are still total RelationshipGoals. We dare fans not to audibly "aww" when Levine gushes about his wife. So, she is incredible. I mean, I was there and I was just watching in awe. We love you. Life is better with you. All rights reserved. Adam Levine: Strange things about his marriage.

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