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Guest over a year ago. Couldn't find what you looking for? Guest over a year ago Hi sh3r, I have the identical thing I am not close to my period, am not on birth control we use condoms nor have had any other procedures.

This only occurs during sex and is close White cream during sex a creamy, wet consistency until it dries clear White cream during sex flakey. There is no pain involved although it White cream during sex somewhat White cream during sex. We have been together for years so there is no chance of a STD.

Please let me know if you find anything out! I am very curious When his penis enters you, and you feel pleasure, you secrete white liquids. As long as there is not pain, no smell etc then I suppose you are fine. NExt time you go for your yearly pap smear. I would tell your doctor to make sure everything is in fact OK. I would run to the doctor. Guest over a year ago It happens every time we have sex and I was worried about it but she said White cream during sex has always been like that.

There is no smell but it was something I definitely wasn't used to. Anyways if anybody has any addtional info please post it. While this might sound gross to some, it's like whipping egg whites. But I agree you should ask your gynecologist on your next visit, but unless you develop pain or a smell, it's probably no worry.

It is probably the vagina lubricating and protecting itself, see "What is abnormal vaginal discharge" in this Steady Health article:- www. Guest over a year ago I have the same thing mine has like an ironey sweet smell its White cream during sex bad its just not what I call oderless everyone says the bad stuff smells fishy but mine doesnt? Is that normal? Guest over a year ago Same thing for me and I am going crazy trying to find out!

Its not the natural lube turinging white from friction, I know that and I've been to my doctor twoce now about it and I have no infections, nothing, comletley healthy - but still this discharge!

It turns my boyfriend off and it doessn't have a foul smell, but "metallic" is what he says. This has been going on for almost a year and now I am just so agrivated about trying to fix this problem that my sex drive has gone nil. Please help if you have any info! I am currently on tri-sprintic generic OTC and zoloft.

Guest over a year ago I've got exactly the same problem. It didn't. I have found so far that it only happens during penetration. Since going back to the doctor, she told me that I would just have to accept that's the way I am. I have White cream during sex doing some research and it seems if you eliminate any STD's etc there are 2 types of glands: one near the entrance of the vagina which produces the slippery clear stuff, White cream during sex the glands at the cervix whose consistency changes throughtout the menstal cycle.

If this is correct, then we should be seeing much more of our creamy friend during sex a week before and after our period. If you guys can, please get back to me to say whther or not you have found this to be the case. One more question, it doesn't happen when I use my small vibrator, only with my larger ones or with my boyfriend who is quite big.

Is this also the case for you guys? Sorry for going into all the details here but I really want to get to the bottom of it! Guest over a year ago i had the same thing happen to me and it really freaked my partner out. Guest over a year ago this is just female lubicrication. When it builds up it turns white.

Guest over a year ago I get this also, but I've never worried about it. I always assumed it was just how my body became lubricated. I found that usually I am clear and sticky, but after deep penetration, or a climax the whiter thickish lubricant appears.

If we are still erm at it sorry to be blunt then it dries and becomes flaky. Although since we thought it was totally normal, no smell, looks natural, and has been a part of me for a while. He isn't put off White cream during sex it, I guess I'll ask my doctor when I see her for my pap, but I don't think it's anything to worry about.

Guest over a year ago Ladies Almost every girl I have been with has had that. It is actually a turn on for me and most other guys. I am actually turned off when i don't see that white creamy stuff during sex. Mature and experienced guys know that its essential for the lady to be able to lubricate herself well during sex.

Guest over a year ago I had this problem for years. Nothing to worry about. In fact, I notice it doesn't occur when I stay away from sugar the night before. If I have sex in the morning and have eaten a White cream during sex sugar sweet the night before, I release the milky white discharge.

When I Kerala aunty nighty xxx away from simple sugars, this doesn't occur. It's something to think about! Quick reply. If you want to get notified by every reply to your post, please register. It is White cream during sex No, thanks Register.

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