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I would imagine having sex in the pool would push more air into the Nude police women sex because the lubrication is all but gone after a few seconds so there is more room for air to get in there?

Or something? I Under water sex while pregnant just to be on the safe side. Sorry about my previous post, because it just took me by surprise. There is no air in water hence why you can give birth under water Public pool No, our personal, private pool I know it was an odd question but a tad embarassing even to ask our doctor.

I did some googling and don't see anything stating that there is a problem with this, aside from potential for a UTI I'm not prone to UTI's though In fact, I've never had Submissive lesbian erotic fiction. We have a Private salt water pool, and i must say Its amazing!

I would skip if its a chlorine, That's just me. I have had no problems after, or during. My husband loved it. Just be careful and do what feels safe and right for you.

Girls, I'm pretty sure she meant that when you get Under water sex while pregnant the pool, the air that is already "in" your vagina stays there once you are submerged, and by having sex, the Under water sex while pregnant could force the air farther into the vagina.

But if this was the case, normal sex would cause the same thing You should never ever have sex in any type of water. The water can actually go into the uterus through the fallopian tubes and into the abdominal cavity. It's very dangerous and a very, very bad idea. Log in. My account. Baby Registry. The Bump Baby Registry. Getting Pregnant. Sign up for The Under water sex while pregnant Get weekly updates on baby and your body.

Start by selecting which of these best describes you! July in 1st Trimester. I know this is a little racey, but I was reading in "WTEWYE" and it says: "Cunnlilingus is safe throughout pregnancy as long as your partner is careful not to blow any air into your vagina. What do you think? Report 0 Reply to Post. Re: Is Sex in the Pool Bad? July Report 0 Reply. Gretchen kiolbasa.

Loading the player Brittni Rimmer. RadicalDreamer member. I hope you don't mean a public pool! Either way I'd be worried about infection or UTI, at the least. But, if you're really wanting to do it, ask your dr. I wouldn't think that sex in a chlorinated pool would ever be "good" for you, but I could be wrong. Belinda L. Yeahhh I wouldn't trust it either.

Better to be safe than sorry. Not to mention, any type of natural lubrication pretty much goes out the window when you have sex in water, which can cause all sorts of problems cuts, tears, etc. I'd probably pass but that's just me. How does air get into your vagina during sex in a pool? Damn those random air pockets underwater Just FYI!

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