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I have been after Janet for years to fuck someone else while I watched and without much luck - until one Friday last year. She came to me and said she would do it, but by then I was having doubts. It started three years ago. We had just gotten home from a party that had been held by Janet's best friend Meg. Meg is a sweetheart, but she is also pure slut. Janet and I had been drinking and as we fell into bed Pregnant girls bent over sluts said, "I want to do something perverted tonight.

I asked her if she was sure and she said yes, "Meg told me that she does it all the time and she loves it, and she is sure that I will too. When I was through Janet asked me if I had any perverted ideas that I might have been keeping to myself and I told her of my fantasy of seeing her do another man while I watched. She gave me a queer look and said, "You really mean that? You want to see me fuck someone else? She was quiet for a few moments and then she said, "Funny, that's the last thing I would have expected you to say.

You're serious, not kidding around? You just going to bring someone home, or do I dress up like a slut and go out and get somebody? You going to be in the closet, or just walking around the bed watching? No, that's not something that I could do. I'm not ready yet, but some day I may be. And then, after three years of being told, "No, I don't think so" Janet came to me, after another party at Meg's, and asked me if I still had the fantasy of seeing her with another man.

I said that I did and Janet nervously said, "I'm ready to do it. Why, after all these years, was she ready for another man's cock? The only thing I could think of was that something must have happened at Meg's party to make her Pregnant girls bent over sluts to do it. I was in turmoil - what I had wanted to happen was ready to happen, but did I really want it to happen now? You see, Janet was eight months pregnant! What would make a woman, only a month away from having a baby, want to have her first extramarital affair?

He had danced with her several times and toward the end of the evening Janet had gone out onto the patio for a breath of fresh air and Marc had followed. Janet, who is a pretty smart lady and who can be pretty straight forward at times, asked Marc point blank why he was spending so much time on a pregnant married woman when there were so many sexy single women at the party. Marc had said, "You are the sexiest woman here tonight and I can't take my eyes off Pregnant girls bent over sluts you.

At first she had been so shocked by his actions that she had just stood there, and then, for reasons that she still didn't understand, she had responded to his kiss. Pregnant girls bent over sluts slipped her a little tongue and she gave him some back and then she had been surprised to notice that she still had her hand on his erection. His cock twitched under her hand and as Marc had continued the kiss she began to rub it. His hands were on her tits and she began to feel the heat between her legs, and then his cock was out of his pants and she was stroking it.

He lifted her skirt and she felt his fingers touch her mound. She was in the process of spreading her legs to give him better access when they heard the patio door start to open. They pulled apart and Marc turned away and tucked his cock back into his pants. Meg walked up to them, "There you are. I hadn't seen you for a while and I just wanted to make sure you were all right. He does have a nice sized cock and he is pretty good in bed. If I had waited thirty seconds more you would have been on your knees sucking his cock.

Janet had looked me in the eye and had said, "I'm going to fuck him. Meg said she would set it up for me. She is going to invite him over and then I will stop by for a cup of coffee. She will remember something that she has to do and she will leave us alone and let nature take its course.

She will let me know what time Marc is going to be there and you can arrange to get there a few minutes earlier and hide in her closet. The next day when I arrived at Meg's she gave me a big smile and said, "You surprise me baby, I always thought that you were a Hot girl bubble butt hot pics arrow - a regular Pregnant girls bent over sluts stick in the mud.

Five minutes later Marc arrived and five minutes after that Janet rang the doorbell. Another ten minutes and I heard the signal and I got off the Pregnant girls bent over sluts and moved to the closet.

Less than a minute later the closet door opened and Meg was there. I suppose it was because she was such a slut, and she was right about me being a straight arrow and a stick in the mud I know, I know, how can that be if I'm willing to watch my wife fuck Big butt tight pants porn man.

Leelee sobieski helen hunt ask cause I don't knowbut during the fifteen or so minutes that we waited for Janet and Marc to Porn teen anal thumbnails, the sheer physical presence of Meg got to me and I developed a hardon.

As we wiggled around trying to get comfortable my cock kept poking her and finally Meg said, "This is ridiculous. Here, let's get that out of the way. After a minute or so she bent over and took me in her mouth and started to suck on me. After another minute or so she stopped and looked up at me, "I don't know how this will sit with Jan" she said, "Let's just keep this as our little secret, okay?

This, and my being here watching? My cock was in her hand and twitching - I'd have agreed to anything right then. Meg took me back in her mouth and it took her about three minutes to get me off and when she had licked me clean and tucked me back into my pants, she gave my cock a little pat and said, "There, that should hold you.

When they were both naked Janet pushed Marc back onto the bed and knelt between his legs. Her mouth engulfed his cock and the sight made my cock immediately hard.

Watching her was proving to be every bit as exciting as I had thought it would be. I watched, acutely aware of Meg's ass pushing back against my cock, as Janet caressed Marc's balls and sucked his cock. Marc was playing with her tits, but after several minutes his hands went to the back of her head; her held her steady as he made several quick pumping movements and then I saw Janet swallowing as traces of cum leaked out of her mouth where it surrounded Marc's cock.

Marc removed himself from her and bent down and kissed her. Moving her to the bed he spread her legs, knelt between them and started to eat her pussy. Janet loves to be eaten and she started to moan, a low series of "uh, uh, uhs" and then she pushed her mound up at him and gave a little cry as she had an orgasm. Marc gripped her hips and pulled her tight against his mouth and kept Pregnant girls bent over sluts on her. Black girls wet hairy vagina in panties moans got louder, her body started to shake and she had a second orgasm.

I felt Meg pushing her ass back at me and as Janet climbed up onto the bed and got on her hands Pregnant girls bent over sluts knees Meg pulled her skirt up over her waist and suddenly I knew what was expected of me. I took out my dick and pulled the crotch band of her panties aside as she turned to me and whispered, "Put it in me, but don't fuck me.

I'm a screamer and we'd get caught for sure. On the bed Marc had moved in behind Janet and Pregnant girls bent over sluts heard her say, "Easy lover, go easy with Sexy big boobs nude naked asian girl as Marc started to push into her.

Three or four short Pregnant girls bent over sluts and he was buried in her to the hilt and then he slowly started to fuck her. He Pregnant girls bent over sluts his time and was gentle with her, but Janet moaned, "Not that easy baby, harder, fuck me harder" and Marc picked up the tempo.

In less that a minute Janet had her third orgasm and then another three or four minutes later. Shortly thereafter Marc told her he was going to come and asked her where she wanted it. I saw her grab the arm of a coat and bite down on it just before I felt her have an orgasm. Her cunt muscles spasmed and it felt like she had a hand inside her cunt that was milking my cock and I exploded inside her. On the bed Janet and Marc were lying beside each other and Janet was Abg smp pamer memek Marc's limp dick, "Will you still want me after I've had my baby, or is it just that it's kinky to fuck the pregnant married lady?

Janet Said, "Well, you can only fuck me for a few more days and then I'll have to stop until Pregnant girls bent over sluts the baby comes. But I'll be glad to suck your cock anytime you want me to until the doctor says its safe for me to have sex again and then Pregnant girls bent over sluts can be your slut, okay? While they talked Janet kept fondling him and eventually he got hard again.

Their second fuck was slow and leisurely and lasted for about ten minutes after which the two of them dressed and left the room. Meg opened the closet door, "I'll go over to the guest room and while you're getting sloppy seconds from your brand new slut I'll sneak down stairs. Pregnant girls bent over sluts though, I'd better get me off you" and she bent over and licked her juices off my cock.

Janet came back into the room about five minutes later and found me sitting naked on the bed stroking my cock. She knelt between my legs, took hold of my cock and started sucking it. She stopped for a moment and said, "Was I slutty enough for you? I Pregnant girls bent over sluts told him I would suck his cock anytime he wanted me to. Is that slutty enough? There have been some major changes in Janet since that night. She continued to see Marc and suck his Pregnant girls bent over sluts until the baby was born, and after she was cleared to have sex again she started fucking him two or three times a week - sometimes with me watching and sometimes not.

She finally dumped him Naked indian street boys he started getting too possessive.

While Janet was still pregnant Meg talked her into sucking off another one of her friends and by the time Janet delivered she was sucking off five guys on a regular basis. After the baby came Meg started setting Janet up with other guys and now Janet is as big a slut if not bigger as Meg ever was.

She and Meg go out two or three times a week and pick up guys to bring home and fuck. Again, sometimes I watch and sometimes I don't. And yes, Meg and I still get it Pregnant girls bent over sluts from time to time, but she won't let me tell Janet about it because she Pregnant girls bent over sluts afraid Janet might get mad at her. When I first brought up my fantasy to Janet I had no idea that it would go this far, but I'm still glad it happened. I have no idea where things will go from here, all I know is that I can never get enough of hearing Janet say to another man, "Put your hard cock in me baby.

Fuck me baby, fuck me hard. Report Story.

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