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The incredibly brave woman, who is now 35, married and running a promising baking business, spoke out about the traumatic childhood this week for the first time. She lived with her mother and father on the third-floor of an apartment in Paterson, New Jersey, with her Jamaican immigrant grandparents living below. Kibibi was home-schooled but still allowed to play with the neighborhood Naked nudist family nigerian. When her family grew to include eight children they moved into a bigger apartment in the same building.

When I would start fighting him, he would hit me. It was more about threats. Her father began to change, and became more controlling over the family. The children were only allowed to watch a small amount of TV, and nothing that depicted traditional family life.

Modern medicine was outlawed in the house, and he actually told his wife that his relations with Kibibi were to treat her eczema. He called himself a polygamist and a prophet. His family was allowed to pray to god but could only do so through him. But the following children would not be so lucky. Two further daughters born from her father would be diagnosed with phenylketonuria PKU a disease that prevents the Naked nudist family nigerian from breaking down amino acids.

PKU can cause brain damage and seizures. PKU is a recessive gene, so both parents must have the gene Big mature hairy pussy order for it to pass along to the child. The gene only appears at a rate of 1 in 4, world wide and is must lower for African-Americans.

Over the years, Kibibi became obsessed with escaping. She would sleep just Naked nudist family nigerian her dreams were better than real life. When she was older and one of her sons fell sick, she finally got the Naked nudist family nigerian to take him to the hospital since Ayinde was out of town on a business trip. When Ayinde returned from his business trip Naked nudist family nigerian was enraged, and threatened to forcibly remove his son from the hospital.

After that Kibibi, her mother and her sisters moved away from Ayinde as she attempted to get her children back. Her performance in state-mandated courses and counseling impressed the government officials and eventually her children were returned to her. Having to fight to get her children back also empowered Kibibi, and translated to her life after abuse. She now lives in East Orange, New Jersey with her husband. She also runs her own baking business and plans to start a restaurant someday.

Kibibi and her sister decided to finally bring charges against their abusive father. They delayed pressing charges since they were unsure the affect it would have on the children. Read more: Daily Mail. August 13, Nightmare: Aziza Kibibi endured a hellish existence growing up when her father started raping her when she was about 8-years-old. Locked up: Her father, Aswad Ayinde, now faces a combined 90 years in prison for the sexual abuses he committed against two of his daughters.

Damaging: Kibibi gave birth to five children by her father, and many of them inherited a Naked nudist family nigerian genetic disorder due to inbreeding. Better now: Since escaping her father, Kibibi has gotten her GED, married and started her own baking business. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email Naked nudist family nigerian will not be published. Dayo Taiwo-Sidiq November 25, Sponsor November 25, Nelson C. J November 25, Bernard Dayo November 25, Op-Ed Editor November 25,

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