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Things had been peaceful since Mowgli defeated Shere-Khan and he's nowhere Naked baloo and mowgli be seen as he was banished from the jungle and things have been calm. However Mowgli has been acting different since he turned 18, he began wearing some clothes and pants since he was Naked baloo and mowgli out of his loincloth Naked baloo and mowgli also he began to experience some strange new feelings whenever he looks at his adopted mom Messua in a different way.

Apparently living in the jungle with animals for many years have taught Mowgli to rut whenever the urge hits him and he has been trying to not think those thoughts, but it was hard until one night he had a dream of himself and Messua mating and he acted like an alpha male, he woke up with a shock and decided he needed to quell the fire in his loins and a plan came to him.

The next day Mowgli's father and little brother were heading to another village for a few days to get some supplies leaving the two alone. Mowgli decided to put his plan in motion, he left Messua a note and headed to the Naked baloo and mowgli to hunt for a few hours. A while later Messua went to find Mowgli in the jungle Naked baloo and mowgli searched for him until she met the wily snake and he used his tricks and she passed out.

She asked Mowgli Naked baloo and mowgli happened to her and he said that she bumped into Kaa and he managed to drive him away and she passed out, so he carried her back to the village. Messua was glad and she hugged Mowgli and went to get Naked baloo and mowgli ready however Mowgli got behind her and whispered in her ear. She then kissed him on the lips and pushed him to the bed, she then proceed to discard her clothing leaving her nude and Mowgli got naked as well.

Mowgli stood in front of her and then began to Naked baloo and mowgli her breasts and buried his face in them while his hidden spear poked at her gate. After a bit Mowgli stopped and pulled back to reveal his 'spear' was hard and Messua went on her knees and stroke his cock. Mowgli grunted a bit as she did that, her fingers felt like magic and then she Naked baloo and mowgli to suck on the head of it and then half of his cock and made Mowgli let out a low growl.

Messua then stopped and pulled Mowgli's cock out of her mouth and laid on the bed with her legs spread and Mowgli got on top. Messua moaned loudly when Mowgli's Naked baloo and mowgli went in her and felt like a flood gate had opened inside her. Messua felt Mowgli inside her and a wave of ecstasy flow through her, Mowgli grunted as he rutted with Messua, he felt like the alpha male, he felt his skin rubbed on hers and he lifted one of her legs to go deeper and that increased the love making speed.

Next they changed positions they did it like crabs, next sideways and on all 4's and then reverse cowgirl and back to missionary and after a while of making the beast with two backs, they were reaching their limit and Mowgli fired a big load inside Messua. Soon Messua fall asleep from the love making and cuddle with Mowgli who smirked as he fell asleep too. Over the next few days they spend making love until the day the others came back and Mowgli stopped and acted things like normal.

That is until one day he was coming back from the jungle and saw his mom by the river gathering water. He crossed Naked baloo and mowgli river and said hello and she said hi back, the two were talking when Mowgli said the words "trust in me" and she got the look in her eye.

She stopped filling the bowl and Naked baloo and mowgli grabbed Mowgli and they headed to the jungle for another round. Mowgli said "I need to see Kaa to reverse this hypnosis. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Jungle Book. Hey everyone how's it going? Here's a new story I've been wanting to do. A reminder this a two-shot story Each being their Naked baloo and mowgli story And it does involve a time skips.

So enjoy Note I don't own the jungle book that belongs to Disney and Kipling. Mowgli's secret deal with a snake Timeline 8 years after the jungle book 2 Things had been peaceful since Mowgli defeated Shere-Khan and he's nowhere to be seen as he was banished from the jungle and things have been calm. After securing a large quantity of food, he then seek out his old enemy Kaa the snake. Naked baloo and mowgli listening. Kaa thought for a moment and he accepted the deal. Messua woke up back at home with no memory of encountering Kaa.

Mowgli was with her and been watching. When they got in she locked the door behind them and turned to Mowgli. She then sat on the edge of the bed and gesture Mowgli to come to her and he did. What happens next happens. Messua moaned a bit as Mowgli was hitting the right spots and was finding some hidden ones too.

Mowgli then put his cock in her gate and went in. Mowgli started moving and the bed shook from their movement. The two stayed as one as Mowgli was finishing unloading the remaining few loads in him. After a few more moments Mowgli pulled out Naked baloo and mowgli laid beside Messua catching their breaths.

End Well what do you think? First time I did a Disney one. There will be one with Shanti and it takes place about 7 years after the jb2 So take care R and R no flames and no harsh comments.

Until next time This is darkboy18 logging off. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Naked baloo and mowgli Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

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