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Gwen Stacy. The hottest girl in school, she had gorgeous blonde hair, beautiful Gwen spider batgirl sex eyes and the cutest smile Peter Parker had ever seen. He used to be awkward Gwen spider batgirl sex her until he'd wandered into a lab he wasn't supposed to be in and gotten bit by a most peculiar spider.

After that things changed, he became stronger, faster and all in all better! He'd gained much more confidence and gotten the courage to ask the girl out. Gwen spider batgirl sex that whole complicated incident with Dr. Connors and the Lizardman he'd finally gotten a break. Although the Captain made him promise to keep away he just couldn't, not from her.

So it had been almost a year after the extraordinary events and he was still dating Gwen, they were happy and the fact that he'd broken his promised fazed Gwen not at all. They were currently in Gwen's room; Peter Gwen spider batgirl sex lying on her bed bleeding slightly from the several cuts on his body as he'd just beaten up a thug trying to steal from a nice old lady. Of course as usual the Gwen spider batgirl sex pursued him, the captain hadn't gotten the chance to let them know he was a good guy.

Now Gwen had him lying there with his shirt off and was cleaning the wounds smirking whenever he winced. Now I mean it we're going out tomorrow night and you're NOT skipping out. Got it? Gwen smiled Gwen spider batgirl sex leaned forward so their faces were only inches apart, "You'll find out won't you? Gwen blushed and kissed him on the nose. Then rested her head on his chest and they laid on the bed like that for a while just resting when suddenly the moment was ruined by a banging on Gwen's door.

Gwen shot off accidentally kneeing Peter in the crotch and he groaned loudly in pain. Gwen threw open the door, "No! Why would you think that? God mom don't embarrass me in front of Peter. Stacy raised and eyebrow and peeked inside where Peter had wisely thrown on his shirt, "Oh you're boyfriend's here. Hi Peter! Stacy smiled, "Oh good.

Anyways Gwen why aren't you studying for this exam you've got coming up? Gwen opened and closed her mouth several times before, "Oh! Um, actually that's why…that's why Peter's here! We're studying. Sure mom no problem. Study away!

Hahaha," Gwen shut the door on Gwen spider batgirl sex mom and turned to Peter sighing. Peter walked the streets of New York making his way home his board still strapped to his bag on top of a very tall building. He was heading home to his house where he lived with Aunt May; he was currently searching for a place to live with Gwen but so far no luck. He made it to the small house and stepped inside his Aunt was sitting at the table reading a book.

After all the times he'd said that Aunt May had given up asking him to tell her his secret and she didn't say a word Gwen spider batgirl sex he headed upstairs to his room where he activated his door lock which is super cool by the way. He opened his computer, the Gwen picture still there, and he opened his browser and searched up: signs that your girlfriend is ready for intercourse.

Some though made sense such as: she blushes more frequently and is more prone to kissing youand, Gwen spider batgirl sex hints that something special is planned. When Peter saw that he laughed for about ten minutes, it was exactly what Gwen had said. He knew he shouldn't get too far ahead and didn't immediately think I'm going to get laid! Instead he decided he'd buy some condoms keep them in his wallet and hope for the best.

He did his now usual pre-bed routine. He'd brush his teeth, do fifty push ups, twenty sit up and lift thirty pound Gwen spider batgirl sex for ten minutes, then he'd practice his web shooting accuracy, using toy figurines as targets. He'd roll and fire and smack a G. I Joe to the ground then he'd backflip off the wall and fire two quick shots at a batman figure and he'd collapse.

Finally he'd go to bed set the alarm and close Gwen spider batgirl sex eyes and think of things he liked, such as spaghetti and meatballs, the color red, Gwen, cinnamon rolls and science. Then he'd slowly pass away into the dreams that he never remembered when he woke up. The next morning Peter got up and headed downstairs where Aunt May was cooking some eggs and bacon the TV on and talking about how Spider-Man was seen last night assaulting a man trying to steal from a woman. Peter rolled his Gwen spider batgirl sex and thanked Aunt May as he grabbed a plate of bacon and eggs.

He sat down and scarfed back the food, Gwen spider batgirl sex as usual, he got up rinsed his plate plopped it in the dishwasher grabbed and said his goodbyes before heading out the door. He started walking off to school before quickly cutting into an alley and he crawled up the wall as easy as a spider would and then he began to swing wildly across rooftops making his way to the building he camped his Gwen spider batgirl sex on, he landed neatly on his feet next to Gwen spider batgirl sex bag Gwen spider batgirl sex slipped it over his shoulders and then like it was nothing back flipped off the building and plummeted down to the ground and in just the last second he fired a shot at the next building over Gwen spider batgirl sex swung, his heels brushing the cement and launched himself into the air sailing about two blocks towards school and he continued this, scaring the crap out of random pedestrians.

He saw the school and when he noticed no one was in the greens he knew he was late…again. He dropped down next to the bike rack and then rushed inside and hurried to grab his books and get seated in class. He took his seat behind Gwen and in front of Flash and he pulled out his notes. For the rest of the class he paid little attention, he knew half of this tuff by third grade so it was all so simple to him. Finally the bell rang for break and he headed out with Gwen and they walked to the lunch areas together.

They sat down at a table and just talked about stuff. Gwen talked about how her mother Gwen spider batgirl sex cooking fish again and how she was super glad they were off tonight. Peter told her he was thinking about getting a new board, one of the Spider-Man ones and Free jetson cartoon sex laughed at that.

Gwen huffed and playfully punched him in the arm before kissing him lightly on the lips. Peter grinned and kissed her back and Gwen pushed herself closer and he grabbed the back of her neck and they kissed a little harder and passionately.

Just before the kiss got heated though the bell rang and they reluctantly pulled apart and headed off to their classes. Peter had gym where they were playing basketball.

He entered the change room where everyone else was changing into their sports gear. Peter shuffled over and pulled off his t-shirt revealing his cuts and stab wound.

Peter thought before answering, "Oh, ugh, got mugged. Some asshole. He took my thirty bucks and beat Gwen spider batgirl sex pretty good. After that Peter also headed into the gym where Flash was as usual destroying everyone else but when he saw Peter he stepped back, he remembered last time Peter had kicked his ass at the game. They lined up and Peter took guard and dribbled the ball up the court swinging it easily between his legs before faking a pass to Leo and bounce passing between a guy's legs to Flash for a slam dunk.

On defense Peter rushed them and slid underneath one guy and launched himself upwards in front of the ball handler and faked a steal but when the guy moved the ball down he quickly changed direction and popped the ball out of his hand and sent it flying in the other direction into the waiting hands of Leo who made a lay up. Peter ducked under Flash's arm that went in for a hug and slid out the door and walked off to the rest of his classes.

The day past by quickly after that, he flew through math class and destroyed science with his brain. Gwen said goodbye and Peter rolled through the halls and out the school door ignoring the loud voice of his teacher telling him to not ride his damn board in school.

He skated past a bunch of kids making his way to the subway station before once again veering off into an alley, strapping his board to his bag and shooting a web and swinging back home. He zoomed into the bathroom where the toilet was being stupid, he looked it over and pulled out some tools and after about twenty minutes it was like brand new.

After he came out covered in grease and sat down at the table. Aunt May turned around with a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Go clean yourself up, my God you're a mess," She shouted keeping the plate from his reach. Aunt May didn't get the chance to respond as Peter rushed to the washroom where he splashed himself clean, and washed his hands quick so he could grab a meal and head over to Gwen's. As he sat down at the table Aunt May placed his dinner in front of him and Peter managed to eat it all before she even had the chance to grab her own plate and sit.

Peter kissed her on the cheek and ran up to his Gwen spider batgirl sex where he grabbed his bag and filled it with a suit and tie, just in case, condoms, just in case, money, just Gwen spider batgirl sex case, and he had to stop himself as he went to pack his Spider-Man suit, he reluctantly threw I in his closet, knowing if Gwen saw it on him she'd be mad.

He shook his head once then grabbed his board and jumped out the window. He skated off towards Gwen's very nice apartment.

It took about a half hour but he soon reached the apartment and shot off a strand of spider web and shot himself up to Gwen's bedroom window and taped lightly. He heard a muffled voice, which signified he could enter. He opened the window and plopped to the ground and smiled at Gwen. He checked his watch and smiled wider. My mom thinks I'm gone so she went out and my brothers are playing video-games," Gwen said getting her face really close to Peter's. Gwen smiled and kissed him, her hands going around his neck while his to her waist.

They deepened their kiss getting some tongue action in on it. Gwen put her hands on Peter's neck and opened her mouth wider to let him in deeper and she pushed against him as well.

Peter's hands ran up and down her sides, as they kissed Gwen spider batgirl sex trying to take things too Gwen spider batgirl sex if not allowed. But just then Gwen pulled away from the kiss. She kept her face extremely close to his and whispered, "You can put your hands on my ass now Peter. He lowered his hands down tot heir wanted target and he began to rub Gwen's ass lightly with Gwen spider batgirl sex patterns and after a while he got braver and squeezed it and Gwen moaned in their kiss.

Peter grinned Gwen spider batgirl sex swept Gwen off her feet and placed her on her own bed before laying on top of her and started to kiss her neck, sucking lightly leaving his own little hickey on her neck. Gwen sighed as she felt his mouth on her and she grinded against him and Peter laughed. Gwen, impatient, rolled them over so she was on top and kissed Peter whose hands had returned to the lovely ass of Gwen Stacy and braver now he was Gwen spider batgirl sex it hard and rubbing harder as well.

Gwen moaned as she kissed him mobbing to his neck as well wanting to leave a hickey for a hickey.

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