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The first week Goku x bulma sex travel was nearly over; it was the sixth day in space and both of the namekian spaceship's passengers were doing great. Bulma and Goku had been getting along really well, better than they had in the past. They would sit and watch the planets go by and talk about the past, and talk about what they expected to see on Namek. Then Bulma would read or bathe while Goku trained. It passed the time quickly, and made the long trip more bearable.

But soon the same old daily routine would become old. Then what? Bulma was lying in the platter shaped bed near the back of the ship. She wore her yellow space jacket today, along with the black under suit and the boots. She stared up at the ceiling while Goku trained. She heard him grunting and shouting, as well as the quick snaps of his arms and legs through the air as he punched and Goku x bulma sex. Bulma winced when she saw two balls of ki fly over her head, but only to spin back around and head for Goku where he took the hits and fell back.

Bulma looked to him, frowning. He was on the ground, on his back, the front of his yellow-orange gi had two, singed holes on it that smoked. Bulma sat up and slipped away from the bed, went to Goku and dropped to her knees. She noticed his hands seemed to be pinned to the floor due to the magnets.

She cursed silently to herself when she noticed that. Goku tried to move his arms but they remained pinned to the ground, he Goku x bulma sex a rough sigh, "On… On my chest there is a knob to turn the magnet off. Bulma immediately tore open his gi, burning herself slightly on the singed edges of the holes. She saw the knob and turned it until the little arrow was on off, there was a soft humming before Goku was able to get up, Goku x bulma sex. The saiyan looked to his friend, "Can you get me a senzu bean?

They're in a small bag over by my stuff…". She nodded quickly, got up, and walked quickly over to the few things Goku had brought. Sure enough there was a small sack filled with some senzu beans.

She took one and closed the bag back up before going back to sit near Goku. He took the bean and ate it. Soon he blew a sigh of relief and looked to her with a word of thanks. Goku pulled off his magnetic wrist bands and tossed them over with everything else. He then pulled off the magnetic boots and set them off to the side before pulling off the magnetic Goku x bulma sex and throwing it to the side.

Bulma gasped when she saw that his chest was a deep red, the energy having burned him slightly. But it soon went away as the healing bean went through his system. Bulma just smiled, amazed at how things Goku x bulma sex that still surprised her.

She stared at Goku, but mainly his chest, realizing that he was now shirtless. He'd come a long way since he was younger, she noted, looking at his muscled body. She felt her cheeks grow hot the longer she stared at him. Oh, she hated herself for this, but any time she'd see a hot guy she'd melt! It was just who she was.

But this was intense, far more intense than anything she had felt before. And it was Goku that was making her feel this way. It had to be sexual tension, she told herself. There is no way she could be this attracted to Son without sexual tension being the explaination. She ignored the hotness she felt and looked to Goku, who was now standing. You know, get some rest, maybe. He nodded at her, "Yeah, I was thinking that.

I'm going to have to be more careful, though. I thought I could handle the ki at such short distance, but it's harder than it looks.

The saiyan smiled at her, unfolding his arms as he dropped down to wrap his strong arms around her in a hug, "Aw, Bulma, don't be mad! I promise I won't use ki like that again. The blue haired woman shifted slightly in Goku's arms. His grip was loose enough for her to break out it, but she got a whiff of his scent and decided to keep herself in his arms.

He smelled like sweat, that was for sure, but it wasn't a disgusting smell like she remembered he used to carry around him when he was younger; it was a masculine smell, an attractive smell.

The saiyan smiled and pulled away from her, much to Bulma's disappointment. He stood up and looked down at her, "I think I'm going to take a shower, and then I'll come right back out Skinny nude latina girls having sex we can talk and stuff.

Goku grinned before heading into the backroom to get his shower started. Bulma blew a sigh, she felt hot, and in fact she was even sweating. She undid the belt on her waist and tossed it aside before taking her jacket off and placing it to the side as well. She removed the rest of her space suit until she was completely in the nude.

She grabbed up her clothes and walked over to her things to put them away. She then pulled out Goku x bulma sex grey sports bra and pulled it on before grabbing her matching underwear to pull them on as well. After she was done making sure her underclothes were on comfortably and securely, she turned around to climb back into the bed and rest, waiting for Goku to get out of the shower. A long moment had gone Goku x bulma sex since Goku left for his shower, but Bulma heard no sound of running shower water.

She wanted to get up and check on him, but she knew that he knew how Goku x bulma sex work the shower, because he had showered before. He must have been taking his time. But she heard him call her name from the backroom, so Bulma got up and went to the door and opened it up to look inside.

Goku sat in the tub full of steamy hot water; he looked to Bulma with a big smile, "Look! It feels nice. Bulma's amused smile faded as she stared at Goku, her cheeks turning hot again, becoming a light shade of red. She was at a loss for words. The saiyan looked at her for a long moment before speaking up, "Are you okay? Your cheeks are red, they've Goku x bulma sex doing that a lot recently, are you getting sick?

You just surprised me by asking me that. You shouldn't joke like that. Goku tilted his head to the side, looking honestly confused, "I'm not joking. Do you wanna join me in the tub? The water is hot and it could be fun, we can relax together! The girl stared at him, saw that he Goku x bulma sex completely honest, and began pondering to herself.

This could be a good thing for her. It could relieve some of that sexual tension she had felt earlier, or perhaps make it worse. Maybe it would be as innocent as Goku thought it would be, maybe they would really end up having fun. They would be just two friends taking a bath together. That doesn't sound rightBulma thought to herself. Goku x bulma sex naked friends of the opposite sex together in a bathtub was not right.

It was wrong, especially since one of them was married and had a kid! Bulma wondered why she had to think about this at all. She should just say no and go back out to the hull to lie in bed. But Goku looked so happy, so innocent, sitting in the tub, smiling at her, truly wanting his friend to be in the tub with him. After a shaky breath, and another moment to think, Bulma answered Goku by slipping out of her panties and then pulling off her sports bra.

She dipped her foot into the Goku x bulma sex, her cheeks darker than they were previously as she felt Goku's eyes on her nakedness. She then lowered herself Goku x bulma sex the water to sit across from him. Her blue Goku x bulma sex finally shifted to look at Goku, and the saiyan was smiling softly. He stared at her, "What's wrong? I know!

You want bubbles in the tub, right? I knew I forgot something. She immediately averted her gaze, her cheeks as red as they could get now, her eyes wide as she just stared at the wall. Her heart thumped in her chest. This wasn't helping anything. Goku returned himself to the tub and dumped some of the bubble soap in and got it stirred up to create bubbles on the surface. The saiyan titled his head at her, "Your cheeks are redder too.

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