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You are about to read a Blog that does contain content of an adult nature. These pages are designed for ADULTS only and includes nudity or obscene pictures and materials that some viewers may find offensive. If you are under the age of 18, if such material offends you or if it is illegal to view such material in your community please do not continue. It is not our intention to offend, so if you are under 18 years of age, or feel that you may be offended by this site, please go elsewhere.

The following terms and conditions apply to this blog. For the Bad news: We are still in stealth mode for the search engines For the good news : I've spoken with a friend programmer of mine, Ririn, he is going to look in to it, and try to create the site. He's definitivly more motivated by the project than my other buddy. I've worked four years with Ririn. It's Feels nice to be supported World of porncraft shina comic last!

Lets hope he can do it, it's a little out of his usual field. Ps : I'll be editing the november the 8th post for updating pictures. Mauvaises nouvelles : Toujours invisibles aux moteurs de recherche. Enfin toujours est-il que cela fait World of porncraft shina comic bien fou de se sentir soutenu un peu!

Reste que World of porncraft shina comic il se consacre a quelque chose c'est souvent sublime. Welcome To the World World of porncraft shina comic Porncraft site project. By short, understand that the storyline is short, I have not been giving myself headaches and stress over the scenarios, even more when one page is one whole new story, yet I tried quite hard to insert some humour with really bad word play.

The actual pictures aren't small, between x and x World of porncraft shina comic most of them are x these are extremely pornographic.

For the other type of pictures I produce that I call illustrations are single decorative erotic pictures. Lately I've been looking around for similar works and I was surprised to see that very little world of porncraft pictures exist and there is no real official stand alone pornsite for WoW porn content. All World of porncraft domain names are World of porncraft shina comic up by non-related sites or redirectioning fake sites.

It's a shame really because there is very nice quality ero-porn fan art scattered around the Net, not to mention Ackanime's works that are excellent and you'll hear me often talking about and publicising her all over this blog and on the future web site if it is to be. So this is why I come in with my site project.

This is Naked women without breast is see it : A flash web site, with an in-gaming like interface with a very wiiiiide Free section witch should be meant to be a portal to all other artist sites and blogs and a publicising area for all artists.

Why do I insist on donation rather than membership? I'm thinking of 3 levels working like WoW reputations. I'll make monthly exclusive Boards for the whole exalted community. Even if a million is rather optimistic : Hope You like the idea. So all your support is needed so that at last there is one, yet fine in quality WoW porn site of reference brought before you. Yours sincerely Shina. How to support us here and now? World of porncraft shina comic by registering to this blog note that anonymous doesn't count you in and therefore doesn't help.

It will help us evaluate how many people will be interested in the web site and help me convince the webmaster to start the site. Disclaimer This is a non lucrative purpose Blog The world of porncraft being an erotic parody of original Blizzard entertainment's World of Warcraft. Direct references or resemblances are obviously not uncommun and some characters design and concept remain intellectual propriety of Blizzard entertainment. Voila pourquoi je pointe le bout de mon nez avec ce projet.

Composition : Shina's Gallery : ce que je fait de plus convenable 2 section illustrations et planches. Ce n'est ni du troc, ni de la vente, mais de la reconnaissance. Comment nous soutenir? Today's Illustration A horny girl I believe Today's Hall of Fame By Ackanime as said previously I'am a big fan of her work, so you'll see as much a she'll let me show you. Your opinions interrests me. Reminder: still stealthed to search engines, I dont think it will get any better I have to hope readers will publicise it a little, if you do so make sure it's your friends cup of tea, they'd better like wow and porn, please avoid wild and blind mass diffusion.

I'll be updating next after christmas period auround 2 january January 2nd maybe you've thought I had forgoten you! Well no, even if, I have to admit, this blog and the project doesn't seem to be meet the popularity I was aiming for. Well Well nevertheless I'm World of porncraft shina comic you not a random Board of mine but the latest and only World of porncraft shina comic finished in Today's Board Draenei By Wu Shuang Hall Of Fame Today's Board shina St Valentine shina unlocked "jeanna proudmore melting permafrost" for members Donator's who have e-mailed me have received "huge cumfest" Xclusive collection.

Shina Afficher mon profil complet. Commentaires Atom. I am 18 years of age or older I accept all resposibility for my own actions and remove Shina, Blogger dot com and all linked sites from all liability, and I agree that I am legally bound to these Terms and Conditions.

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