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Why are the Japanese so weird? Recently I've been reading Why are japanese so weird people parts of a visual novel called "Saya no Uta". God save my soul, cause this is some weird ass crap conjured by the Japanese. More weird things from Japan includes tentacle porn, Why are japanese so weird people anime child pornWhy are japanese so weird people very strange toys, and etc.

Response to Why are the Japanese so weird? I like the way how the japanese people live, they are pretty free minded with clothing and other things. Asandir's interviews with Newgrounds forum users. I don't think the Japanese are weird.

Americans are, by far, much more strange than the Japanese. A man once described hell as a place where there is no reason. Thank you, Feminists, for dragging me into hell. Fart game and that train suicide head exploding thing, yea ok, still though I bet theres some odd stuff in western civilisation My Youtube.

Slint approves of me! I guess that media have more influence on that matter, they can more easily Why are japanese so weird people which things and behaviours are considered normal. It's fucking impossible to emigrate to Japan, they don't want fucking outsiders in their country. Gagsy brings up a very good point. Perhaps we just think Japan is weird because we're not used to their way of doing things?

I think it's just their culture. They express anything without fear, they accept more things a bit more freely than what we accept. But it isn't like the entire country is like Black homosexual naked bodybuilder. But what people said before, they can do whatever the fuck they want How to review like your opinion matters.

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Member since: Apr. Member Level 02 Blank Slate. Member Why are japanese so weird people Dec. Moderator Level 55 Gamer. Member since: May. Member Level 13 Musician. Why are japanese so weird people Thread Ever. Member Why are japanese so weird people 09 Blank Slate.

Yeah, they're some pretty strange individuals. Member since: Sep. Member Level 22 Writer. How dare anyone be different to you? When this post hits 88 mph, you're going to see some serious friendship. Member since: Feb. Member Level 03 Blank Slate. Yeah Japanese people can be weird at times. Because they were hit with two atomic bombs. Member since: Jul. Member Level 41 Programmer. Member Level 53 Audiophile.

They probably think that we're fucking weird to be fair. The site looks like a japanese version of memebase. Who decides what's 'normal' anyways? Member since: Jun.

Member Level 46 Blank Slate. They're weird because you're ethnocentric. Member Level 40 Melancholy. Radiation fucks with your head. Ignorant people, who are sadly the majority. Member Level Adele adkins nude fakes adult gallery Blank Slate.

Because, your slutty opinion says so. Member since: Aug. Member Level 27 Programmer. Member Level 23 Melancholy. What the fuck, Japan? Member Level 17 Melancholy. You don't know shit you little bitch. Also Saya no Uta is an incredible work and I'm sorry you're too closed minded to appreciate it. Member Level 17 Gamer. Probably because of all that radiation.

Member Level 43 Gamer. Because the atomic bombs really fucked them up. Member since: Oct. Member Level 31 Blank Slate. Member Level 08 Musician. Member Level 57 Melancholy. Member Level 09 Gamer. August 6th ? QOTW: "I hate you because you never pass up and opportunity to mention that you are a "female"- Wreckr How to review like your opinion matters.

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