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Again, if you are not into a wife having an open marriage and sharing things with her husband, do not read any further. For those that are ok with this As I stood in the shower, I had a perfect view of my wife standing in front of her closet wrapped in her robe. One of the highlights of my morning is being able to watch this beautiful woman prepare for her day, watching her cloth her incredible body in elegant lingerie and very sharp outfits.

I watched as she removed her robe laying it on the bed giving me a view Sheer bra wife means business her breast with very erect nipples, her lovely hips, trimmed pussy and Sheer bra wife means business longest legs a woman of could own.

Sheer bra wife means business reached up and pulled down a small container that she keeps her pantyhose in. I thought next would be her standing and pulling up her hose but instead she sat on the side of the bed. Reaching into the box she pulled out a black stocking, then the match. She raised her left leg and slowly and tightly pulled the stocking up over her knee till it reached her mid thigh. She did the same with her right leg and I noticed that my cock was getting extremely hard.

She stood up and pulled her stockings up until the top fit snuggly around the top of her thigh, right below her pussy. Sheer bra wife means business couldn't believe my wife was wearing thigh highs to work. I've never once in all our years knew her to wear stockings other than on special occasions, outside of work.

As Sheer bra wife means business placed the box back in her closet I realized I was stroking myself, my cock totally engorged and throbbing. I then watched her reach in another container. She rifled through the container until she pulled out a white lace thong. I bought this thong for her and she had only wore it once that I know of. It's a very expensive, very elegant piece of lingerie with a black bow on the front, and crotchless. The one time she wore this thong I was blown away at the sight of my cock going in and out of her, the thong open, framing her swollen lips and dripping pussy.

She pulled the thong up her long legs and pulled it tight. I watched as she traced a finger up her slit and smiled. She then reached over to her cosmetic table, took her bottle of Happy perfume and sprayed her neck, chest and then opened the top of her thong and sprayed her Sheer bra wife means business At this point I was ready to burst from excitement, my cock was so swollen, my hand wrapped around it and my knees shaking.

I walked up behind her and placed my right hand on her hip and moved my left up to cup her breast as she leaned back on me. My lips caught the side of her Cuckold husband watching wife, kissing her as my fingers pinched Sheer bra wife means business nipple, making it very hard.

I told her how wonderful she smelled and she thanked me, turning and kissing my lips very softly. I went to move my hand down her skirt and onto her stocking and as I started moving up her thigh, she caught my hand and told me to wait until she got home from work tonight. I smiled, gave Sheer bra wife means business a light kiss and went back in the bathroom to shave and get ready for my work.

As I Sheer bra wife means business at the sink, I asked her what the day had in store for her, knowing full well she was going to have a much better day than I. She said business as usual but that she had a meeting.

I asked with whom and she calmly said I. As I finished up in the bathroom, I walked out into the bedroom to see my wife in a very sheer, white top that zippered up the front of the blouse.

I said quite a revealing top my love and she just smiled and put a light sweater on and said it's not now is it!!! I watched her pick out a few pair of shoes until she finally Sheer bra wife means business on black boots that come to right below her knee and about a 3 inch heel. She stood in front of the mirror checking herself out as I did the same.

Here was my wife of 20 years, 45 years old with 4 kids, looking like a 30 year old model posing for a business attire fashion magazine. Sheer bra wife means business turns me on most is knowing that the men in her office must so look forward to seeing my wife each day. She is drop dead gorgeous and as only a few know, a very highly sexual, sensual woman.

When she was ready to walk out the door to leave, I again gave her a nice kiss and caressed her lower back, holding her tight against me, knowing she could feel my throbbing cock. She put her hands on my chest and said just wait Sheer bra wife means business later big boy!

I watched her walk out the door and to her car and as she got in, I thought I got a glimpse of the top of her stocking. My thoughts were running wild. Just what was my wife up to today? My wife Margaret, as I said, is 45 and the mother of 4 beautiful children. Through the years, she has always kept her body in shape. She has a smile that sets anyone at ease. Margaret's breasts are a very plump and firm 36C capped with large nipples that are very hard most of the time.

Even with a padded bra you can see her nipples poking through her tops. And when she wears a shelf bra, or a shear bra, her nipples are mesmerizing. One cannot help but to look.

She has become accustomed to this and when the right person is looking, Margaret gets extremely wet. Her stomach is almost flat and she has the sexiest hips that I love holding when I'm making love to her from behind.

Margaret has just a wisp of soft red hair above her clit, the rest she keeps shaved and has for as long as I've known her. Her clit, when hard protrudes from the top of her slit. Her ass is small and tight and the legs that follow are very long and shapely. She is a stunning woman. Margaret and I have shared threesomes other men and have gone to swing clubs. I enjoy watching her with others and I love watching her with another man or men. The sexual passion that she shows is one of the most sensual sights I've ever witnessed.

She knows how to take a climax into a higher level and how to make the orgasm last until she is basically limp. There have been a few times that she has been with another man without me present but always shares the details with me, usually while we are making love.

From looking at her you would have no idea what a tigress she is in the bedroom. As my day labored, time almost standing still, my thoughts Shaved pussy atk hairy to the image of my wife standing in black stockings and a white thong. I envisioned the thin strap of material disappearing between the tight globes of her ass cheeks, only to reappear at the top, making a beautiful lace triangle at the small of Sheer bra wife means business back.

Knowing how tightly the thong held her beautiful pouting pussy made my cock stir. I pictured my wife in her office, men seeing her walk by, wondering if those close to her noticing the top of her stockings, wondering if her sweater was open giving anyone a clear view of her breasts being held so gently by her sheer bra able to see the darkness and hardness of her wonderful nipples that poke through the mesh of her bra.

The emails Margaret and I exchanged that day were all sexual in nature. I would email and tell her the thoughts I was having, Sheer bra wife means business me very hard. She would respond with Hmmmmmm, I love it when you're hard Tell me what thoughts you have. I wrote back I'm trying to picture what is underneath that skirt? Wondering what thong you are Indian girls porn pic Wondering if your sweater is open, wondering what the men in your office were thinking A minute later her response was, What if there is nothing under my skirt?

What if I have taken my bra off and my sweater is off? As soon as I read this my cock was rock hard, pressing hard in my pants, throbbing, I just had to touch it.

I replied Tell me how wet you are? She came back with I taste so good! I may just have to visit the ladies room! I couldn't take it. I was ready to explode. I slid my office chair to my door, locked it and pushed myself back to my desk. I pulled my throbbing cock out and typed to my wife My hard cock is in my hand and ready to explode!

Tell me what you want me to do? I sat there stroking and her reply came Stroke it baby, cum for me, cum hard, imagine me under your desk, your big cock in my mouth, make me swallow you It was at that point I erupted. Cum jetting out of my cock, landing on my shirt and my slacks but mostly in my hand.

I just came so hard Margaret! She replied, I did to, thanks for getting me warmed up! I stopped and thought, what does she mean by that? I immediately got another email from her, Sheer bra wife means business said Gotta run, have that meeting shortly and need to get ready. See you when I get home! Needless to say the rest of the day was not spent working.

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