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Because people with tattoos are so much more fun to see naked. If you can't date Harry Stylesmay as well date a man with a butterfly tattoo.

Joey Kirchner photographed by Gregory Vaughan. Posted on June 02,GMT. Peggy Wang. Especially if said arm is cradling an adorable animal of some sort. View this photo on Instagram. Facebook: Tattoos-by-Eddie-Oakes. Instagram: villeprinsen. Here's how to spot a team player. You know what they say about guys with anchor tattoos Male model Jourdan Copeland is sealed with a kiss, a present from me to you.

If you're into artsy guys who look like they probably keep a sketchbook. Because big and bold isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea. Some people choose to have the bands signify someone they Sexy men with tattoos who has passed. Somehow, I think this dude is one step closer to knowing the meaning of life. Flickr: N There's something kind of hot about a guy who looks like a botany textbook, amirite?? Tattoo by Hayley Hayes. A sign that someone is probably in touch with his spiritual side.

Also, this guy has Sexy men with tattoos doubt read Sexy men with tattoos Dick once or thrice in his lifetime. And in case you're a man thinking of going under the needle

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