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Lyrics submitted by 2ashdb76edited by krazertoddk. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - K. Sex on Fire is found on the album Only by the Night. Kings of Leon — Sex on Fire.

Read More Edit Wiki. Lyrics powered by LyricFind. Sex on Fire song meanings. Add your thoughts Comments. General Comment Nathan: I think that the song is about Caleb: Some people might think that the lyrics are corny Nathan: I don't know where Caleb got the lyrics for that one, cos I'm pretty sure he's saving himself for marriage. So I would probably say it's more a song of fantasy, like how he imagines it will go. But he's on to something, cos it's only a minute and a half song and he apologizes at the end.

Haha love these boys. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. My Interpretation From Sex is on fire song I've been reading in the comments and also reading the lyrics to hearing the song, it just sounds Sex is on fire song straight up sex in public.

Its also about road head too "Soft lips are open, Knuckles are pale, Feels like you're dying, You're dying" this is about the girl reaching orgasm at this point. General Comment No comments yet!? This song is what makes me sure this album will be a contender for Best of It's just so good. Why is there a chicken in Sex is on fire song music video? That's what I wanna know. Great song i absolutely love it. Never really listen to the kings before but i think that this has Sex is on fire song a lot of Nude busty hairy pussy like me.

Flag skybluesam1 on May 22, Flagged chinkswifey on June 15, Song Meaning I personaly dont think that this wonderful and great song is about sex. I think its about rehabing from drug abuse. If you look at the video, the vocalist Caleb Followill is twisting and turning in a bed while beeing sweaty and disorientated, and almost has a panic expression on his face.

All of this is very simular to the "hotel room rehab method" All the way through the video is a struggle for Caleb. The other members in the band are holding him down in his bed, meening that they are there to help him through Sex is on fire song rehabilitation. All through out the video there are small hints of things that you cannot do while beeing in that perticular situation. Things like, eating, not sleeping, passing out, praying, beeing paroniod etc.

Even the title of Sex is on fire song song gives it away alittle. Sex on Fire, wich could very well be about the so called "drugfever" that Sex is on fire song go through while rehabilitating.

At the timelaps Your thoughts and feelings about what you think the video is about and means to you is very important. So if you dont agree with me, tell me what you think its about! I would love Amateur porn audition videos on hamster hear what you think!!

KOL 4 Ever! I have thought the same for a while now and am so glad to come on here and find less naive ppl as urself picking up on the real meaning to the song. Even the chicken that he eats in the videoI think is cold turkey!!! Flag boncie22 on March 31, Song Meaning I am not sure, but I think it may have something to do with receiving road head. I mean, the lyrics in the verses: I mean, he says I know their watching, their talking.

Like people driving next to them can see whats happening. Then he goes on to say "IN the dark of the ally, break Sex is on fire song the day, the Head while Im driving I can go on and on.

I dont mean to sound all nasty, but I am convinced that this song which I love by the way is about getting road head. What do you think?? General Comment This is soooooo comercial compare to all the previous one, creative has gone Photos shaved teeth for porceline veneers the window with this album and they are starting to sound like Bon Jovi, hence the reason this fat ugly chic at my work got all work up listening to this crap.

General Comment Watching Sex is on fire song home movie Caleb says pretty simply, "it's about really good sex". And then they cut to Nathan and he's says "I don't know where he got it, because I'm pretty sure he's saving himself for marriage. Go watch their home movies. General Comment my guess is that this song could be about whatever you want it to be about this is what i like to think Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

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