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It sounds like he actually enjoys a well toned and proportioned ass, not a fat ass shelf as in the picture.

Big disrespect sayin that shit. Fucking tables are turning tho. Your supremacy is ending and our is coming. To end Nice asses in mini skirts confusion I found the original pic and it is indeed photoshopped, sorry to disappoint you ass loving people. Did a reverse image look up at google and I think it was Nice asses in mini skirts the second or third page of results.

Basically copy the image location from above in FireFox if you right click it has the Copy Image Location optiongo to google image search, click on that little camera icon in the search bar, paste in the image Nice asses in mini skirts and hit enter, Nice asses in mini skirts just did a reverse Nice asses in mini skirts up.

Thanks for the pic, I wish the chive would post real girls that look like the shopped version though, this site needs more curves! Dammmmm, i pray she looks like that fo real. Cause she is so sexy……………hmmmmmm, she givin me goose bumps lol. Unless the guy that shopped 8 is a pro, looks normal to me. I don't see Nude skinny granny over 70 evidence of photoshopping.

There are a few girls in my town with this build. Love it. I like big butts and I cannot lie! Just because she has a big ass doesn't make her chubby. Would take her over any toothpick, anorexic, Barbie wanna be any day. Hey sexey can I fuck u like hard and com all over your pusse And we can have sex like over and over agan. I would take Alessandra Ambrosio any day over Adriana Lima! This girl always has a goofy ass look to her.

And none of them would take YOU for all the money in the world mate… Keep dreaming, but lose the attitude. Yes, 9, her name is Little Caprice! Very Nice asshole on her! Would love to lick her Pussy and ass for lunch!

She also goes by Nicole Miller. She's a model that did some Playboy stuff and also banged my friend for about 3 months. I know, I know…cool story, bro. I haven't personally submitted any, but a friend said he found a picture of me in DAR a while ago. That's actually how I discovered this wonderful site! I kept having to look at what number it was simply becuase every time I went to look I got stuck looking like 39 and forgot.

Tight dresses is my new favourite perv-past time! Every girl on this post for the win and every girl would get hammered harder than Jesus!!!! U know what hammered means. It means I'll fuck ur dick until it explodes and sperms go everywhere. I think these girls are all whores — hot yes — but whores nonetheless.

If we could take all of their diseases and put them into a cup, blend them well, and add some ice — it would mean certain death. Looking good does not mean one is a whore. Although the girl above isn't helping the thought Nice asses in mini skirts. Lose the cig…bad breath, yellow teeth and reeking of smoke is not attractive. Your gay right? Whores are awesome! It's also nice to look at nice chicks but whores let you touch them as well. I love whores.

Ah…Bobbi Brown. I remember growing up watching 80's hairband videos and there she was. She was the most memorable as the Cherry Pie girl. That's the pussycat dolls chick in I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Upload Profile. Like this post? Sound like someone has a tiny pee-pee. Black dude. Jammy got owned. Just sayin'. Frasier Krane. That thing is nice. Fuck you if you think otherwise.

Go back Nice asses in mini skirts fucking your twig. Yep the legs to ankle ratio is off slightly. You sound ignorant. You hear words when you read? You might want to get that checked out…. The Truth. Fuck you both. Grey Area. I'm staying out of this. Matt sounds like a chick.

Sleeping Giant. Very nice ass, definitly going to my wall! I want to fuck this girl. Her butt is awesome to do doggy. Estas preciosa mi amor. Your ass is very nice Baby Muax. Not Again. And now she has lower prices! Can't Shower sex aoi sora her, but could possibly rent her? Nah you might be able to, that doesn't look like a Whole Foods to me.

It's Wegmans. Lauren Michelle Prestin. She is so sexy. Never see sights like that at my local grocery store. Rex crotch. Great underbutt on the girl in the black dress. Isn't that Alison Waite? I love me some sexy nice round booty. We need MORE of these beauties!!!!!

Jim Rome approved! She gotta donk, she gotta donk, she gotta donk. Yeah, "dat ass," like the afterdeck of the Andrea Doria. Dam I agree numba 8 is my fav. Nice asses in mini skirts sir, have good taste. Ass for days on 8.

Shopped or not, that shit is fun to look at…. You other brothers can't deny. No 1 thats NOT a tight dress thats one ugly fat ass. Why would you post her name? First step to attracting a plethora of stalkers. Dad must be proud. I'm pretty sure he also goes for black men.

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