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For many people French kissing is the only way to kiss if you want to kiss someone passionately. The good news is that learning how to French kiss is not difficult. If you have never done it before it may be slightly weird using your tongue to caress the tongue of your partner but you will quickly get used to it and will love it!

So how is French kissing different from normal kissing you may wonder… Well, there are mainly three big differences, namely:. If you try to French kiss a girl or a guy and he or she does not kiss you back in the same way it will be awkward and not a good kiss at all. With a normal kiss you can lean forward, kiss your partner on the mouth and pull back. He or she does not have to kiss you back in order for the kiss to work. So, a normal kiss can be a bit one-sided but French kissing requires the active participation of both partners.

With a normal kiss you can kiss someone without using your tongue. Some people say that French kissing is more romantic How to french kiss tongue kissing well but this is not really true. Most couples, especially if they are kissing for the first time, begin kissing with a normal kiss and only start to French kiss as the kissing intensifies or becomes more passionate. As mentioned above, French kissing requires the active participation of both parties.

Try this:. Put both your hands in front of you with the palms and fingers touching. Slowly push with the one hand while the other hand is gently resisting and then reverse the order so that the hand that was pushing is now resisting and that hand that was resisting is now pushing. The same principle applies to French kissing! Here is a pretty good video on how to French kiss.

It was made with guys in mind but it applies to both girls and guys, equally. Notice how the couple is completely relaxed and at ease and how they are both active participants. For some more How to french kiss tongue kissing videos see kissing videos. French kissing is a lot more intimate and passionate than normal kissing. The home page of how to kiss offers a many more tips and advice but here are a couple of basic things you need to remember….

Make sure your breath smells fresh and that your lips are How to french kiss tongue kissing dry or chapped. There is no rush. French kissing is slow, gentle and passionate. Start by kissing her or his lips as if you have all the time in the world.

Your partner will more than likely reciprocate. Remember to breathe! It is difficult to French kiss and breathe through your mouth at the same time so either breathe through your nose or take little breaks in between kissing to catch your breath. There is no rule for how long a kiss should last or how many times you should kiss someone… Use your own judgement and pay attention to the body language of your partner. French kissing is very physical, intimate and passionate. There is no set of rules on how to French kiss.

Develop your own kissing techniques and do How to french kiss tongue kissing be afraid to experiment. Practice makes perfect! You will also find that your kissing technique may vary from partner to partner as different partners will Naked black women breast differently to your kissing style and you to theirs.

All of the above tips apply to both girls and guys. Use the above tips and advice on how to French kiss well and you will have nothing to worry about and much to look forward to. How To French Kiss. Try this: Put both your How to french kiss tongue kissing in front of you with the palms and fingers touching.

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