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Yah, I always bite my lips when they're chapped or when I'm focused. Guy's Behavior. What does it mean when a girl bites her lip? Share Facebook. Add Opinion. Flirting if she is looking at you 3. Nervous or Hot amateur girl biting lip deeply 4. Thinks you are attractive Usually the cheesy girls that see a guy they find attractive bite their lips, but they do it. I only do it ,because my lips are chapped.

Xper Hot amateur girl biting lip. It could be a lot of things. If she's looking at you while doing it, she's flirting and having naughty thoughts of you. I tend to do it without realizing it if I'm in deep thought and I'll look over and see a guy Big cock oldman pics tumbrl at me.

That is really embarrassing when it happens lol. Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Who is in the wrong? Why does this guy in my scout troop keep coming up to me so much? Why do some guys work very hard to get a girl to fall in love with them and when Hot amateur girl biting lip does, ridicule her and dump her? Sort Girls First Guys First. Fr3akyss-CanDy Xper 4. It could mean alota of things. Really it depends on the way she bites it.

You kno lol it could b in a flirtatous way or she mite b thinkin. For me its both. I'm flirtin while thinkin bout what I wanna do wit him next.

I was in maths and a really cute boy was there sitting across the aisle from our table and I noticed he was wearing skinny jeans so I said to my friend he wears skinny jeans then I bit my lip and looked him up and down I didn't know what it meant my friends just said I fancyed him. There's this guy that I have a crush on, but I'm not sure if he likes me or not. He jokes around and teases me and I would catch him staring at me a few times. Then I tried to smile back, but I was so nervous I just bit my bottom lip out of nervousness.

However, sometimes I bite my upper or lower lip because my lips are chapped. Anger, frustration, lust Aishwarya rai nude fucking, LessthanLisa Xper 4. I have a friend who always bites her lip. Everyone asks her why and it turns Hot amateur girl biting lip it's just a habit for her. She's nervous! It's one of those fairly common nervous habits that girls often don't realize they're doing.

I don't know about any other girl but for me it means I'm flirting with you lol. Kinda depends on the situation. If your making love she's most likely feeling so good. If your not even dating she's flirting or teasing you. Lovebug27 Xper 2. I do the lip biting thing with out noticing. My I asked my friend when are the most times I do it and she said Hot amateur girl biting lip in blushing, trying not to laugh. Wait what. It means that she has a lip-biting habit.

I think it means we girls want a boy or the boy Related myTakes. Egalitarianism is NOT equality. Good personality and a good character are two different things. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

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