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But did you know they named her after the mysterious and beautiful blue AI in the Halo series? Throughout the games, Cortana helps Master Chief until her heart-wrenching betrayal in Halo 5. Here we will be showing Halo cortana body paint how you, too, can become this blue, intelligent AI from Halo 4 without having to fully blue yourself with body paint. First, start with a base color blue for your body suit. In addition, if you want to show your toes, go for a footless bodysuit.

Every time Cortana speaks or moves, her entire body glows and the circuits flash white up and down her body. You might also want to set up a system with cardboard where the fabric is stretched taut while you paint, as when you wear the body suit, it will be stretched. Halo cortana body paint the same white and blue mixture, you can use a tiny brush to create the small details that line the portions of dark Halo cortana body paint on her body. You can dye your hair.

Here are some options for both dying your hair as well as purchasing a wig. Get flats that are soft and flexible with no design. In order to recreate this effect, you will need contact lenses!

However, you need to get a prescription from your optometrist in order to purchase any decorative colored lenses. Who Halo cortana body paint the video game character that Windows named their new virtual desktop assistant after?

Cortana from the Halo series. Just in time for Halloween, now you too can become Cortana! Her amazing creation is uncanny to the real character, however, you will need to wear nothing but body paint on top.

Elsa has created an updated body paint tutorial based off the latest incarnation of Cortana from the Halo 4 series. Elsa has made videos about Photoshop techniques as well as face and body paint tutorials. Elsa uses basic cloth nipple covers and applied a liquid latex Halo cortana body paint order to maintain a skin-like texture.

She also as her hair done in a braid bun. Elsa begins by covering her face and neck in the Global Colours water-activated BodyArt face paint in the baby blue color face paint using a big fluffy brush. When going over dry paint spots with fresh wet paint, you get splotchy spots! For your lips, you can use a blue lipstick. Then fill these spots in. Elsa then uses a small brush with Wolfe white body paint to draw Halo cortana body paint white details on her body. Try to create a circuit board design between the two main section of black, and small white details on the black section themselves.

Use whatever image of Cortana you can find Halo cortana body paint best base your design off of for the details.

To watch Elsa's full video, check it out here! Mehron StarBlend Cake Makeup dry powder in black. Wolfe FX black and white body paint. Snazarroo black body paint. Cart 0. Design Every time Cortana speaks or moves, her entire body glows and the circuits flash white up and down her body. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for a complete body paint tutorial! Now you're all ready to be the sexy, super smart AI of the Halo series! She uses the same powder to Halo cortana body paint in eyelids.

Use a basic black eyeshadow to darken the corners of your eyes. You can use the same eyeshadow to fill in your eyebrows. Then take a blue eyeliner to outline your waterline and lower lash line. As a final detail, you can wear electric blue contact lenses as Elsa does. And now you look just like Halo cortana body paint digital Cortana in Halo 4! Cosplay DIY Guide Sean Chong-Umeda October 25, cosplay, cosplay tutorial, pokemon, ash ketchum, misty, diy, i choose you pikachu, og, ash, gotta catch em all.

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