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It seems [Kevin] Brazilain escorts naked galleries particularly bad luck with neighbors. His first apartment had upstairs neighbors who were apparently a dance troupe specializing in tap.

In a hangover-induced rage that began with thumping bass at 7AM on a Sunday, [Kevin] tore through his box of electronic scrap for every capacitor and inductor in his collection.

An EMP was the only way to find any amount of peace Arab porn nude photos his life, and the electronics in his own apartment would be sacrificed for the greater good. In his fury, [Kevin] saw a Yaesu handheld radio sitting on his desk.

Maybe, just maybe, if he pressed the transmit button Fm transmitter piss off neighbor the right frequency, the speakers would click. The results turned out even better than expected. It would be an even better idea to not put his call sign online in the future. That said, this is a wonderful tale of revenge. People make mistakes and sometimes do things without thinking.

But talking about why this was a bad idea is one way to help educate more people about responsible Pussy bent over xxx pics. I couldnt use my cb radio sometimes because it Fm transmitter piss off neighbor the same effect on the family 50 feet away.

You are putting Fm transmitter piss off neighbor RF energy into that guitar than you are your neighbors wall. If he is a licensed ham, and is transmitting on a frequency that his license permits, and the interference is unintended, then it is legal. Consumer electronics are supposed to be designed to reject external interference. Often they do not due to manufactures cutting cost…. Not if you are transmitting purely within band and not merely for the purposes of interfering.

Pete Sanders Mature mom big ass absolutely correct. The ARRL knows more about this subject than most other organizations. Doubt the FCC would do anything to him. Worst thing he would likely get is a warning letter. These days, an armature radio op really really has to cause quite a ruckus before the FCC will take Fm transmitter piss off neighbor. Even if the FCC issues a forfeiture order, they are powerless to collect it Fm transmitter piss off neighbor help from the Department of Justice.

From there, the offending individual may pay it if he can get the FCC to reduce the fine to a relatively small amount compared with the original amount or he can not pay up and when renewal time runs around, submit a renewal application.

From there, it can take considerable time before the renewal application gets dismissed if ever from failing to pay the fine. As are all levels of ham licence, all licences have set answers you can memorize. So what your point.

Talking of federal law, did you know US federal law officially only applies to US territory? The kid realized he made a mistake and you have to call him out like that? You sir or madamare a special breed of jerk. He learned some material and put it into practical use.

Good for him! Now, I just hope he will be smarter in the Fm transmitter piss off neighbor with his knowledge. Nobody likes a tattle-tale. The FCC is too busy regulating the Internet and doing their part to double the national debt. Sleep well Kevin. Calling him a genius and trying to get him an FCC nastrygram is an example of the problem with ham radio, not the solution. Or heck, anywhere below 30MHz. My mom caught me Fm transmitter piss off neighbor one day and told me it was wrong.

Then she told me it was wrong again. Most likely heterodyne. The little trasmitter outputs one frequency and lots of harmonics which get mixed to the frequencies used by the cordless phone or its base, resulting in their sum and difference. If one of the resulting frequencies happen to be the right one to pass beyond the radio front end, it gets demodulated and you hear the communication. The transmitter in this scenario acted as a local oscillator. The story is waaay too vague to be believed as is.

WTF does that even mean? All audio devices contain what is needed to detect the modulation in a radio signal: junctions. You need only one of them to be exposed to radio frequency in the audio signal Fm transmitter piss off neighbor. A long enough trace on the pcb, or a poorly filtered supply wire can act as antenna and inject the signal into the appliance. This explains why you often see low value capacitors paired in parallel with high value ones in supply lines, like say a 1 nF ceramic paired with a nF poly and a uF electrolytic: low value ones present low impedance to high frequencies, high value ones to low frequencies.

A 50 Hertz signal can be completely quenched by a 3. Thanks for the tip, atomic3. Based on the meta data in the photo the pic is from This story is exactly that, a story. On the other hand…. Somebody tell 4chan to get the van! Ok with all FCC complains and other stuff, I want to know how this happend, why the stereos got knock out because a frequency. I think it is more likely that the input transistors got overdriven with noise, which caused a square wave on the outputs.

I come here Fm transmitter piss off neighbor for interesting solutions to interesting problems, and for the sometimes silly things that come up. The subject of this story. Please reconsider such posts in the future, as it gives this site, and garage hackers everywhere, a bad name. He pointed his radio at the wall in anger, and, fuck me! Annoying neighbours can be the bane of Fm transmitter piss off neighbor life, and this is quicker and more effective than months of calling the local council with noise complaints.

I went looking for answers and wound up reading this discussion. I want answers too. I hooked up a yagi antenna to my set top box and hung Fm transmitter piss off neighbor vertically from the Fm transmitter piss off neighbor under his vcr and got all his cable channels.

The antenna amp in his vcr was badly enough shielded to radiate enough for me to pick it up! Filters on the Bose fixed its Bose Malfunction. Yes, the Bose design engineering HAS gotten that bad. Now get off my lawn! It works everytime. Also, find the opposite and work with it. In college I had some people living on the other side of a rental duplex that decided they would play drums starting at 3AM or so. After calming down a lot I decided to play the situation, putting on a Fm transmitter piss off neighbor trainee shirt that a friend had given me the State Police training academy was near campus and knocking on the door, politely, at 7AM and politely asked them not to do it again.

The still-stoned neighbors peered at me with bloodshot eyes, looked at the logo on the shirt and…never did it again. I guess its not impossible to get silence but it seems somewhat unlikely that inducing current inside the stereo system Fm transmitter piss off neighbor going to produce nice clean DC.

Perhaps what is happening is not that the audio system was being interfered with but some sort of mute function was being induced, or perhaps some sort of fail-safe mute was being engaged.

Then you get rid of your neighbours completely. First they lose their ability to reproduce then their hair before they die in agonizing pain bleeding from every orifice. Sadly, it does not take W and a Yagi to cause cheap consumer devices to Malfunction. And the Bose is expensive! I maintain it is not interference — it is consumer device malfunction. The only solution to the Bose was ab set of filters.

I wonder if he properly identified when he transmitted? Also, in the article, he makes it sound like having his license makes it a better idea. Have to agree overall with you.

Been there-done it. Hmmm… Fm transmitter piss off neighbor Nude big boobs ftop. ru about if you are transmitting with the obvious and only reason of causing problems for someone else?? I wonder how the FCC would view that. Fm transmitter piss off neighbor sort Fm transmitter piss off neighbor stuff is very little different from stuff you can see demonstrated at various hacker conferences.

As toxic as this community can be, I mean just hating on shit. The site has really gone right down the shitter over the years. Hey YOU! Some of us like content-less articles devoid of any technical merit. Keep up the great work Brian. Love, AC. The man is a criminal and a fool, everyone knows the best way to deal with noise pests is with a microphone, a chaotic decimating reverb and a W PA.

His solution was similiar-a radio test rig that could transmit a weak modulated carrier, but also just the carrier frequency unmodulated. He would flick it on CW mode and slowly increase the amplitude until the radio station was blocked.

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