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One of our most popular features in was our podcast interview with Candy Samples. Candy kept limited scrapbooks over the course of her career but much has been lost. In recent years a number of her friends and fans have made a determined effort to collect everything they can find that relates to her. All of this material has recently been sent to her.

This collection consists of many large boxes of picture spreads, magazine features, Candy samples and uschi digard photos, private portrait sessions and Polaroids. Some of these items were never intended for Nude art models wanted, and their quality reflects this.

Candy samples and uschi digard end this feature with photos taken just a few days ago when we interviewed Candy. Our interview with Candy Samples can be heard here. Candy Samples February Early Candy samples and uschi digard show Candy second from left in early modeling assignment Candy samples and uschi digard Candy would sometimes pose for private photographic sessions for fans, who she encountered when dancing in clubs around the country.

A rare photo of Candy with Russ Meyer at a convention. London Austria Venice Cancun She is a national institution, and your sensitive treatment of her is wonderful and exemplary. Thank you for preserving —and adding important details to — the history that was a part of the lives of million of us, but that few talk about.

Candy and the rest are still rock stars. You knew the right questions to ask and due to her mental awareness, you knew when to back off and let it go. A 10 out of Candy samples and uschi digard Thank you! One of your all time best podcast interviews, ever. It had so much heart and emotion that you felt you really knew who Candy was. I wish more people would know of stars such as this and much less of Jenna Jamison, this lady was truly the real thing. The early and recent pics are wonderful.

Really lovely collection of photos and memorabilia there, captures the spirit of Candy and that of the era. It helps some with the chronologically of her career.

There has been a lot of debate by Candy fans like weather her breasts were real or not and when her career actually ended. Her breasts did looks bigger and fuller after that time. I tend to think a breast lift. She also had some work done her face around that period. It looks based on photos above she had her breast reduction between and and must have retired from modeling in the same period as well.

Such a big fan of hers for about 25 years. I would go to the video store every weekend looking for any of her videos or magazines.

What a life she has had. Sad to hear she was used and wasnt treated well by a lot of men Mature couples foreplay to sex for the great interview. So glad someone is in her life that is truly looking out for her. I always knew she was a nice lady.

And nobody ever talks about her voice. She had a body for sin, but Candy also had a voice for radio. It was nice hearing her just talk. What might be a possible income stream for Candy are her scrapbooks.

I Candy samples and uschi digard think of two or three graphic novel publishers that would kill to get the publishing rights. And if Candy has any unpublished photo sets from the time she did work at Triumph Studios, especially if Candy samples and uschi digard were photographed by Theo Ehret, well, there you go.

Film censorship in Australia meant that many adult films back then were simply never seen in this country.

That opening pic! The Force sexually Awakens! Seriously, that interview made me cry, keep up the great work. April Hall has done such a touching interview with Candy samples and uschi digard Samples. So sensitively handled. Such a touching interview. I still regret not approaching her but she was bigger than life and absolutely beautiful. Thank you for finding her and bringing her back to all those who miss and love her. Love the interview, nice job, very respectful.

When I learned she was much older, it made her a lot more sexy. Ever since late 70s her figure was a huge turn-on for me. Fascinating how she got into the business and frustrating to hear how these guys abused and ripped her off. At least a devoted fan provided some rescue for her. Was curious whatever happened to Candy for many years. The Candy interview and photo sets are amazing! So glad she wound up in such a great place and lived a long life. The beauty and gentleness in her voice.

The pain re her son. Very moving towards the end…. I fell for her somewhere around 12 years old when I came across some of her photos.

Candy samples and uschi digard interview,though upsetting in some ways, is just the thing I hoped one day someone would do. I concur. It would make a great Awkward Family Photo card. Wonderful tribute to the queen of cheesecake photos. What a life! I love this site.

Happy Holidaze as we celebrate with you once again. What a bounty! Both Candy physically and the photos. April you are breathtakingly cute on that sofa pic. Abra Cadabra I wanna reach out and grab ya! Keep up the great work guys! Candy samples and uschi digard a find!!! Phenomenal- One of my faves. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a kind note Jen — Candy samples and uschi digard appreciate it!

Her duo with uschi digard was the best big boobs lesbian sex ever!! Wondered First time young and dumb became of this beautiful woman. Glad to see she is Young teen hand bra around! I met in 82 or 83, she was friendly and generous with her time.

Thank you so much Jaytee — so pleased you enjoyed it. Candy really is content now.

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